As Visions of the ER Danced in My Head.....

Okay, so you ever have those times when you have just witnessed something that could have been awful and you replay in your mind a thousand times "what could have happened?" Well, last night was one of those times for me.

It was about 8:45 and we were about to get Rachel ready for bed. Well, she was crawling from the ottoman to the big chair, as she usually does, except this time they weren't as close together as they usually are. Brice is literally an arm's length away from her and as he says, "Rachel, be careful, they are too far apart...." DOWN SHE GOES!!!! All I see from across the room while I sit on the couch is her head (the front of it, mind you) going straight for the fireplace....the BRICK fireplace! Brice snatched her up as she is screaming and I ran to her. He was comforting her and my maternal instincts tell me to look for blood. I checked the mouth for broken teeth and busted lips. I don't see blood anywhere. I found where she hit...smack in the middle of her forehead. It was immediately purple and a HUGE knot appeared. I know enough about injuries to know that a visible bruise and an outward knot are good signs so I didn't flip out too much.

After I saw that there was no skin broken, no blood I went for the fishy out of the freezer. That is our boo boo ice pack thingy. Rachel loves the fishy but won't let you put it on the boo boo...she likes to suck on it. So after a few minutes of sucking on the fishy, she sniffles and looks at me and says, "Rachel's okay." It was so sweet!! Melted my heart. Then she started crying again... I am sure her head was throbbing. It was so sad! I checked her vision and her pupils and then decided after some well deserved juice and Motrin to mask the pain, she could safely go to sleep.

Well, needless to say, that scared me to death!!!! We have the ottoman in front of the fireplace for a she won't run and smack her face on it. Let's face it, this could have been a whole lot worse. She really could have done some damage. So, in the aftermath, I am thinking through it and this is the scenario I envisioned......

*cue fade and music to another dimension*

Rachel looking at me with blood running down her face. Me panicking but still doing the mother thing, getting the towel and trying to stop the bleeding. Trying to put her in the car seat with me holding the towel on her head and all of us rushing to the local ER (where I happen to work), and getting all of these stitches while she is screaming bloody murder. Then she has a huge scar and I will have to tell her stories about how it happened.....

*Okay, back to reality*

The reality is that she is fine. Just minor bruising and scrapes and she might hear the story but won't ask due to scarring!!!!

Motherhood.....there's nothing like it!


Ben and Bethany said…
I fell and hit my cheek on a brick fireplace corner when I was this day I have a 'dimple' Most people think it's an actual dimple but really it's a dent! LOL. Glad to hear she's ok - seeing them fall is THE WORST.
Lainey-Paney said…
gage once slipped out of my hands as I was lifting him out of the tub. he hit his head on the tub & had a knot. By the time the nurse on call at the pediatrician's office called---Gage was no longer crying & I was bawling so hard she had to tell me, "if you can't stop crying, I can't understand you." He was fine, and she totally talked me through it!

I'm sooooo glad that Rachel is okay & you didn't end up in the ER!!! Stitches are just so awful!!!

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