Busy as a.....Jewelry Lady!

So, I had my first jewelry show on Friday night. It was good. Not many people and not a very big $ show but it was fun. My next one was Saturday night....about the same amount of people and I will not know $ amount until Friday...when she closes her show. I had another show last night....AWESOME!!! There were about 12 people there and it was a pretty high $$ show!!! We will close that one on Friday too! I have another show on Thursday night and one on Friday night. I work Saturday night and then have 2 more shows next week!!! Whew!!

Surprisingly enough I have not been completely exhausted. I do get a nap during the days when I am home. The jewelry parties are fun so it isn't a lot like work for me.

More later....next week is a big week for LOTS of things!!!! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
I can't believe how this whole jewelry thing has really paid off so quickly!

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