Long Time

Yep, it's me again...the no-blogging mommy!!!

Rachel is GROWING like crazy. I think I have said this before, but I LOVE THIS AGE!! This has absolutely got to be my favorite time. She is just learning so much everyday! She is doing almost all of the motions to every song that Miss Patty-Cake sings....our favorite video! She will sit in front of the TV for the entire thing....about 4 times through! She loves to sing and loves to play with her daddy.

She will be 17 months old on Monday and the time is just flying by like crazy. She has another ear infection right now and I may sound like a broken record....if it seems like she always has an ear infection, IT'S BECAUSE SHE DOES!! We just finished with antibiotics a week and a half ago and when we went for her hearing screen on Friday, she had another one....more antibiotics to start last night....this one is all different....I think we have taken just about all of the market approved antibiotics for children. So, back to the over feeding of yogurt to try to prevent diarrhea.....never ending battle....BUT....hopefully it will end soon! Rachel goes in to the hospital for outpatient surgery on Wednesday. She is getting PE tubes and an adenoidectomy. It will be fine....I am a little nervous...but it will be fine.

BABIES BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! Don't worry...not here!! :) My best friend, Alison is going to have her babies (yes, more than one) on Wednesday and my cousin Tonya is scheduled to have baby Justin on May 8th. Let's see if I can count real quick, how many of my friends that are pregnant......well, so far I have come up with 10. I am sure there are probably more that I am forgetting. I know 3 people that have had theirs in the past 2 weeks. My oh my...I miss that infant stage but not enough to have another - not just yet anyway!

Let's see....job is going good...LOTS better than before. Brice's work is slowing down....I got a new phone yesterday that is awesome but not quite working the way it is supposed to....already got it replaced and now I have put in a technical request that should be resolved within the next week...if not we may have to do something different....*sighs* In the big scheme of things...it's just a phone....

That's all for now...be sure to check out my dropshots account for pictures. We just got back from a trip to Arkansas. www.dropshots.com/bricerikkirachel

Love to all!


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