I Love This Kid!

So, I have been reminded that I need to blog more....OH, and make it more interesting! =) Yes, I should. I have actually been encouraged because I had 3 THREE comments on my last blog! People do read this thing! So, I am resolving to do better blogging....

We got a nice surprise last night. Some friends of ours (mine, really) from A LONG TIME AGO called yesterday and actually came over and spent the night with us. Thankfully my house was decent enough for company. I love it that I am so spontaneous and that unexpected drop ins don't bother me....maybe that's why I fit into the emergency department setting so well...okay, chasing rabbits...back on track. So, the people that came to see us have a 4 (almost 5) year old boy. He is precious and I absolutely love him but he is rough....REALLY rough. He, as I affectionately put it, loves very rough. He wanted to hold Rachel's head and twist it around....all out of love, I am sure but it made me so nervous and not to mention, made her very angry! She is about the size where she can hold her own but needless to say, she was very aggravated. He also was semi-torturing my poor dog. SHe is a little dog...a Shih tzu and is used to Rachel but we make Rachel be gentle...Will is NOT gentle! Anyway...so we all went to the mall today shopping before they headed out on their next leg of the journey. We ate in the food court, rode the carousel, and shopped. My child is terrified of the carousel....don't know why. I think she wants to like it but it really stresses her out to ride. I exchanged my Bare Minerals since the company continues to send me the WRONG shade. Most of the time when I shop, I buy Rachel things....and I did today too but I also bought me 3 shirts on sale at JCPenneys....everything is always on sale there. But they are way cute and I am excited! Had to buy Rachel another pair of shoes and for those of you that know, my kid is big.....I have to buy expensive shoes - Stride Rite. Thirty nine dollars PLUS TAX for a pair of sandals....such is the life!

Okay, so maybe this isn't much more interesting but it's what I do....so take it or leave it!

Tomorrow and Sunday, I work. BY MYSELF!!! It's exciting and a little scary all at the same time....what if something comes up that I know nothing about??? I can do it! I know I can. It will be fine!


That's all for now!


Lainey-Paney said…
Hello Bluebonnet Baby!

does rachel have to have wide shoes? it kills me to pay that much for shoes. i will if they're tennis shoes....but i seriously like finding shoes on sale at Ross.
Unknown said…
YES! She does have to have wide shoes. The sandals we bought yesterday were extra wide! Didn't even know they made them....hmm....

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