Okay, today is the big weigh in day and I am so excited....3.8 lbs lost!!! YAY!!! They say an good average is 2 lbs per week so it will probably slow down in a week or so, but only about 3 more lbs and I will be the smallest I have been since I was a senior in high school. I am encouraged! The good part about Weight Watchers is that I can still eat foods I love and make sacrifices in other areas! I was able to eat Chick fil a twice this week and still stay on track. And, I'm telling you, those skinny cow ice creams....fabulous..I bought 3 more packages last night! =)

Rachel is still really snotty....not sure why! I also read on her operative report yesterday that the doctor took out her tonsils too...who knew???!! I certainly did not. That is something I am definitely going to ask him at our appointment on Thursday. I don't care that he did, I just thought it would have been nice to let me know. The plan was for tube placement and adenoidectomy. Hmm.... I am feeling better, just still a little snotty myself and a VERY minor cough.

Got ANOTHER new phone yesterday. I had gotten one that I really liked but I paid a little more for it than I wanted. It was supposed to have GPS on it and it was pretty cool looking but the GPS didn't work and I had to add unlimited internet and it was going to cost more money per month...bla bla bla....So, here's that one....279

And, here's my new one!!!! Sony Ericsson Z750A (purple) IT'S PURPLE!!!!! =)

So, the slider was pretty cool, but the purple is even cooler! I just love purple!

Well, Krista is home!!! YAY now Rachel and Chelsea can play and Krista and I can visit too!

That's all I know for today!


Lainey-Paney said…
so, i bought some skinny cow ice creams. i bought some weight watchers ice creams too.
tried them both. they both rock.

the ww ones: they are chocolate ice cream, coated in....i dunno, maybe chocolate cookie crumbs. they ROCK!
Peas on Earth said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog ... well, really on someone else's blog if I'm honest. :-) I am constantly amazed by the Smiths and the way that God is using them. Did you get a chance to watch the Cross Point video, too? Wow.

Congratulations on losing weight! I don't even know you, but I am jealous! ha ha!! :-) I am hoping for the missionary weight-loss plan ... fresh fruits and veggies, not much processed food, no car, walking everywhere, up and down hills. Yep ... gonna place my bets on that health plan!! I just wish it were going to happen sooner. I know, I know ... I could eat better now, and walk more now, but where's the fun in that?? ;-) haha

Thanks again for your comments. God bless you guys. Your daughter is precious! Hold her close today ~

In Christ,

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