Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Want To Needs a Tune Up

I love to read but I am not a fast reader.  A good friend of mine recently let me borrow Beth Moore’s new book Audacious.  I do love Beth Moore, and generally, I can pick up one of her books and read it in a fairly short period of time.  This book was a little harder for me.  I am not sure if it is because the word "audacious" just seems to be a weird word to me or just because it was a difficult book to get into, but whatever the reason, I am almost finished with the book and I love it now!

Last night I was able to read and before I knew it, my clock on my wall was chiming the Beatles’ song "Let It Be" to let me know it was midnight.  My eyes were getting a little crossed or I would have sat there and finished the book. 

I have also been reading through the Bible daily, something that has always been a struggle for me but, thankfully I found a great blogger that made a schedule for daily Scripture writing/reading and it is keeping me on track.  I am hoping that this will get me in a routine, give me a new zeal for reading Scripture, and then I will crave it so much that I cannot leave my house without it in the morning!  Today my Scripture was the following:

I have always loved these verses but after reading Beth’s (yes, we are on a first name basis…um, not really but a girl can pretend) book, those verses meant even more to me today.  I want to focus on the word “wants.”  There are so many things I do out of need but what about my wants.  I know that kind of seems backwards because we normally think about things the other way around…we should purchase things we need over things we want but hang with me.  I go to church on Sunday morning because I need to hear the message or because my 4-year olds need a Sunday school teacher.  I started off reading my Bible each day beginning this year because, as a Christian, it is something I need to do and I need the Word in my life but do I really, truly LONG for and WANT Jesus in my life?  Do I want a relationship with Him?  You see, Jesus does not need us.  He wants us.  He longs for a relationship with us. 

Jesus wants me. 

My prayer is that I will want more of him each and every day. I want to turn from my selfish ways, take up my cross, and follow Him. It is the true desire of my heart.  I don’t think I have ever actually thought about this concept until I read it in the late hours of the night last night with just me, the crackling fire, and the words printed on the page of my book...well, and the Beatles I guess.  :)  It was what I went to bed thinking about last night.  Then when I woke up this morning and went to the Word, the Scriptures reminded me of that thing again.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Lord, line up my desires with your desires.  My prayer for 2016 is more of You and less of me.  


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