More of You, Less of Me

When you fall down, it is hard sometimes to get back up.  It can be painful to continue on but most of the time, you will be glad that you did.

I am one who likes object lessons, mainly because I am a visual learner.  I like to have something to visualize in order for something make sense to me.  Friday, I started a new exercise program called Camp Gladiator.  It is quite popular all over the globe so you may have heard of it.  I have done many things over the years to try to lose weight, diets, gym memberships, etc. so this is not an advertisement for that necessarily, but I did find it to be quite fun.  What I also found was that it was hard!  Another thing I found hard was the concrete as I hit it full force with my body when I fell!!  That’s right, I fell!  I am not the most coordinated person I know, to say the least, and I find myself falling more the older I get.  I blame it on my equilibrium…or something.  Ha! Nevertheless, I hit the ground as I was taking off in a sprint and landed with all of my weight on my knee and it hurt.  I laughed (or else I likely would have cried), I got up with the help of my trainer, and continued. 

We are doing a study on Sunday mornings at church right now in the book of James.  This morning, Bro. Tommy was talking about the things that James instructs we must do to produce the righteousness of God – this is – growing in Christ.  In James 1:19-20, it says, 

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” 

Then verse 21 states that the Gospel is able to save our souls – the Word changes us and we grow in Christ.  We ought to be more like Jesus than the day we were saved.  We will fall but we get right back up and walk with Jesus.  Sanctification is a process.  We will never reach perfection this side of heaven but with Christ’s help and with a relationship with Him, each day, we can grow closer to Him and be more like him today than we were yesterday.

When I fell down at the boot camp the other morning, my trainer came alongside me and picked me up.  It hurt…not only physically but it hurt my pride.  It was down right embarrassing.  I did not know a soul out there and I FELL within ten minutes of the morning workout.  But I got up, shook it off best I could and kept on running toward my goal – finishing for the day.  What I found out was that it was fun, those people were supportive, and although my knee stung a little, it was worth it. 

When life stings, we look to Christ to pick us up, we look towards our heavenly prize, and we keep on pressing on.  We do the things each day that we ought to do to reach our goals and eventually Christ places within us the DESIRE to do those things.  We want to please God because it gives us a closer relationship with Him.  We want to walk in the light because it helps us to know Him better. 

More of you, Jesus, and less of me.  Make me who You want me to be.


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