Where Feet May Fail

When someone that you love and that you know loves you back points something out that you need to "work on" it can do a couple of things…make you humble, make you mad, make you fall in love with him all over again, and bring you to your knees.  The problem good thing about this "revelation" of sorts is that it is true.  I might share more about this in a later post, but for now, I want to leave you asking for prayer.  Will you pray that this year will bring me closer to the feet of Jesus.  I want to go deeper - even when it hurts.  

I will DEFINITELY need prayer as I start a new Bible study this coming Thursday.  It is called Lord, Change My Attitude by James McDonald.  I have heard wonderful things about it and I hope that it will be life changing for me.  I am praying that I go into this study with an open mind, because honestly I don't want to do it!!  I do not want to focus on my attitude but it kinda stinks!!  All the more reason to do the study.  Please pray for an open mind and willingness to hear God as He speaks to my heart.

This song is pretty much on repeat for me right now….listen to the words and let God speak to you.


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