My Daughter, My Sister

One of the greatest blessings that God has ever bestowed upon me is the gift of being a Mommy.  I love that job!!  It is stressful, never boring and the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, but I would not trade it for anything in the entire world.  It is simply my favorite thing. 

When I was pregnant with Rachel, my first born, I prayed that she would someday know the love that her daddy and I have for her...that we truly love her.  I think that she understands a fraction of that because we talk about how much we love her and that is why we have to punish her.  She is a very smart little girl.  More importantly, I have always prayed that she know the love that the Father have for her ~ her Heavenly Father.  As much as I love my children and I love them more than life itself, God loves them so much more!!  That is so hard for me to fathom because I can't imagine anyone loving them more.  But, He does!  I have prayed that one day, when they are ready, that my children would know Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior but I have also had reservations about this because I want it to be THEIR decision and not MY or their daddy's decision....or anyone else's.  It is important that they want Jesus to rule and reign in their lives because of them not anyone or anything else.  I haven't wanted to force them or push any of my feelings on them. 

For awhile now, Rachel has been asking questions about Jesus and heaven and what that all means.  She is a curious little child.  She is extremely intelligent like her daddy and she just soaks it all in.  The other night, she started asking about who gets to go to heaven.  We talked for about 2 hours about ALL SORTS of things!!!  She was so cute!!!  At the end of the conversation, she did, in fact decide that she wanted to ask Jesus to come live in her heart and she is excited to tell everyone "I'm a Christian."  My heart is bursting with pride and I am so excited that my first born little girl is now also my sister in Christ!! 

She asked at one point about how long we have to decide to trust Jesus.  We told her until we die but that we don't know when we will die.  Her response was so matter of fact and a great lesson for us all.  She said, "Then, Mommy, why doesn't everyone just do it now?  It's the perfect time!"  Yes, sweet girl, it is! 

The day Rachel came home from the hospital

 Rachel - 6 years old


Kaydi said…
This made me cry! Love her so much and excited to call her sister now too!

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