Christmas Eve and Morning

We normally have our family Christmas at our house on Christmas Eve every year....that was until this year when I had to work on Christmas Eve.  As many of you know, I started a new job on December 4th and Christmas Eve is a normal working day.  It was not really a normal working co-worker and I drove to Central Market and shopped, ate lunch (on a doctor's dime) and then went home at 2:00 but hey, nice way to make a $$.  Anyway, all of that say, we had family Christmas on Saturday the 22nd and then Christmas Eve was FANTASTIC, low-key and low stress!!!  We were able to attend our church's Christmas Eve service and it was just nice.

After the service we came home and got on our Christmas pajamas because Hannah was getting sleepy and ready to go down for the night.  The following picture is hands down one of my very favorite from the entire year, even though it was taken with my phone...I think I got a good one on the camera too! :)  My sweet baby girls! 

We set out milk and cookies for Santa which the girls love to do and we have taken a picture like this one for at least the last two years. 

They hurried off to bed and we played Santa. The girls got an INSANE amount of gifts this year (judge if you want, whatever!). They got lots of toys. Their big gifts were their American Girl dolls. Rachel got a doll that looks like her and Lauren got a Bitty Baby. Hannah's big gift from Santa was a Pottery Barn chair that she LOVES!!! The child loves sitting in's cute and a bit strange! ;)

Hannah's gifts from Santa

Lauren's stuff was so spread out! 

Rachel's stuff!  She had so much fun


The girls loved their gifts.  Then....

It started SNOWING!!!  We had a white Christmas!!!  We had a beautiful white Christmas two years ago too!  The girls did get out and play later on in the day and Hannah LOVED it!!!  She got mad when I brought her back inside but she was FREEZING!!!! 

It was such a great, relaxing day!  Oh....I got everything on my Christmas list from Brice and the girls...he spoils me!  He really does!!!  He knows that receiving gifts is my love language which totally makes me sound like a brat but it is what it is!  I am loved and I know that I am regardless of what I am given but I love to receive and I LOVE LOVE to give gifts even more!!!  Brice got a bass guitar and some shirts.  He never wants much but he is very proud of that bass!  :)

My gifts! There were also some wrapped things that I got! :)

As I sat and watched my babies play with their goodies, I sipped my coffee in my new cute coffee mug!!  Don't you LOVE it!??!

Brice's gifts...I know it doesn't look like he got much but he was SO happy! :)  I wrapped most of his things though!

We are blessed! 


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