Rachel's Field Trip - Dallas Arboretum

On Tuesday, October 23rd, I took off work and went with Rachel’s class to the Dallas Arboretum.  It was so much fun and I loved spending the day with my FIRST baby girl! She is growing up way too fast! 
Right now at the Arboretum they have pumpkins EVERYWHERE!  They have a pumpkin village where you can see all different types of pumpkins, they have houses made out of pumpkins and they even had Cinderella’s carriage with the Fairytale Pumpkins!  Rachel thought that was pretty cool (and so did her 4 BOY classmates)!  Rachel’s favorite pumpkin was the Turk’s Turbin Pumpkin!

Rachel was excited about the Arboretum because she wanted to smell the flowers, and smell the flowers she did…I think she smelled them all!  She loves flowers just like my mom! 


Another thing that they have out there right now is the Chihuly Exhibit. He is a glass sculptor and there were some really neat glass sculptures there. I think the adults thought that was cooler than the kids did. I tried to get pictures of the ones I thought were the neatest.


One of the MOST exciting things that happened in our day was that Rachel pulled her first tooth…while at the Arboretum!  I will post about the whole tooth fairy experience in another post, but here is a picture of the proud girl with the missing tooth!!

We had such a fun day but by the time we got back on the bus to go home, we were ready!!!  We were tired!!!!  I was glad to spend the day with this BIG little girl! :)  Made this Momma heart happy!!



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