Hannah ~ YOU ARE ONE!!!

All of my life I have wanted to be a Mommy!!  Even after a bad choice and after years of feeling like I don't deserve the JOY of loving just one "mini-me" I get THREE of them!!!  God is so good to me and He is SO faithful even when we are not! 

Hannah Grace!!!  How did you get to be so BIG!??!  You rock my world, Baby Girl!  Look at that smile!

 You came into this world when you wanted to.  I had it all planned out for you to be born on October 21st and you started making your entrance a little early and after Mommy started having some problems, the doctors decided you had to come!!!  So, at 4:30 in the morning on October 19th, you were ready!!!!  You wanted to get here so fast, Mommy's nurse had to hold your little head until the doctor could get there for your birth (you had a little indention in your head when you were born to prove it)! :) 

When you were born, your cheeks were so chubby, you didn't open your eyes for 3 days!!!  The pediatrician could not get you to open your eyes in the hospital and he finally just said to have Dr. Hull follow up later! Ha!  You were 8 pounds, 5 ounces of pure squishy-ness!!  You had lots of hair and your sisters...oh boy...they adored you!!!!  Lauren was so excited to finally be a big sister.  Rachel, of course said she knew exactly what she was doing....she was a pro!  You came home to many many people who already loved you. 

A couple of things to note about your early days...you have funny toes.  Mommy noticed them in the hospital.  They are still that way. The doctor says that it is more common than not but none of the rest of your family has them.  Mommy doesn't care...I kind of like your funny toes. ;)  You were not a good sleeper....still aren't some nights. This was due, I believe to some of your medical issues, but I wouldn't trade those "middle-of-the-night" snuggles now that they are obsolete!  You always sound like a seal when you cough or sneeze.  All of the older people when they are around you always like to inform Mommy that I need to take you to the doctor because you have croup.  Mommy knows that you don't.  Mommy does really know you best.  That is your medical condition called tracholaryngomalacia.  Your pulmonologist says you will outgrow it.  I believe him...for now, you are the cutest little "barking" baby I know!!  :)  You had colic from about 6 weeks until about 3-4 months every night from about 5-7:30 or whenever you went to sleep.  It was rough.  We would do whatever we could to make you happy which included bouncing, walking, rubbing your tummy, bathing, singing, swinging, rocking, most of the time all of them. 

You were a challenge, for sure.  BUT, my sweet sweet baby.  You are a delight.  You have THE SWEETEST disposition.  You smile CONSTANTLY.  You hardly ever fuss, unless you are sleepy, dirty, or hungry.  You jabber all of the time, and you are so inquisitive.  You are always wanting to learn and one of my favorite things to watch you do is love on your babies and stuffed animals.  You just coo and laugh and love them.  You are absolutely the delight of my heart and I love you with every inch of my being.  It is so hard as a mom to imagine loving anyone like your first baby, then the second baby comes along and you realize it is possible.  Then the third baby comes along and your heart just grows bigger and bigger.

Hannah Grace, my prayer is that you continue to grow and love the Lord.  I pray that I am always the Mommy that you need and that you know that I love you above everything else.  This is just the first year, Doll Baby.  We have so many more to come. 

Happy 1st Birthday!!



Sara said…
Does she have toes that have extra skin connecting them? I hear it's very common, but I've never met anyone else with it.
Lainey-Paney said…
Funny toes?
I don't remember ever seeing any funny toes!

...and that 2nd picture is just the best!!!!

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