Hannah's First Birthday Party

Yes, I am behind!!!  EEK!!!! 

Here are a few pictures from Hannah's first birthday party on Saturday, October 20th!  Okay, so there are more than just a few pictures but you only turn 1 once, right?!!! 

The theme for her birthday was rubber duckies.  I figured it would be an easy theme and for the most part, I was right.  Around the time of her birthday, I was CRAZY busy and overcommitted myself with a dozen other things and TOTALLY procrastinated.  It was a VERY low-key party with not many guests at all but it was perfect, in my opinion.

We had some cupquacks (otherwise known as cupcakes) from Tom Thumb bakery and I just added some ducky picks that I ordered from Amazon.com.

We had some duck food (or homemade chex mix that I could literally eat my weight in)!!!
A YUMMY fruit tray

The colors of the party were pink and yellow so we had pink and yellow lemonade
And this little creation I have to admit that I stole off Pinterest and I think it actually came from one of my new Twitter friends who is OH SO CRAFTY!!!  This cake was SO easy to make!!  And I got so many compliments on it.  We actually did not eat any of it. It was simply for decoration but I was so happy with how it turned out!

Here is Hannah's highchair!  It had pink and yellow polka dot balloons tied to it as well.

The next few pictures are in sequence.  She actually touched the flame of the candle while we were singing to her.  That is why in the 2nd picture her face is all red and splotchy - because she had been crying and I finally calmed her down!  :(



We had a great time and I was happy that she did not have a meltdown.  I remember when we had the other two girls' parties they both did not last through the entire thing.  I think that first birthday parties are so hard on little ones.  She did great though.  I did not get any good pictures of our guests!!  BOO!!!  She did have some friends there!! haha!!

Isn't this little sign the cutest??  All of the little paper products are from the Paper Kingdom on Etsy.  I would HIGHLY recommend her!  She was great to work with and the stuff she made was TOP NOTCH!!!

Also?  I know I didn't get a great picture of it, but Hannah's birthday dress (along with most of her personalized clothing - and my other girls' as well - come from my friend, Ashley's shop.  You can also check out her blog by clicking HERE.  She does great work!!  She just celebrated her little boy's first birthday and knocked it out of the park with his decorations!!

Here is a picture of my three little duckies!!!!

 Me and my baby girl!!!

I love you my Hannah Banana!!  Hope your party was fun!!!  


Lauren said…
So cute! Happy Birthday to Hannah!
Ashley said…
Such a cute party for a cute girl!!! You did awesome with all the details!

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