I'm a Big Girl!

Rachel tells me this several times a day. She NEVER lets me forget. Her latest thing is putting herself to bed. She has decided that she can put her pullup on, get in bed and does not want me to come to her room. She tells me not to come to her room because I might scare her. It's really funny! She also wants to give herself a bath...from head to toe...wash and rinse her own hair, wash herself, everything....she wants to give herself a bath. She is growing up right before my eyes. So big.

The next part of my post is about me. And about how "not so big" I have become! =) I started the biggest loser challenge with the NICU staff about 10 weeks ago and when I weighed in, I weighed (did you really think I was going to tell you), let's just say it was a lot...more than I should! Not nearly as much as I have in the past but it was far from where I wanted to be...about 10 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. Anyway, 10 weeks later, I weighed in on Thursday and my total weight loss was 26 lbs exactly!!! I did not quite make my weight loss goal but I am definitely happy with where I am. I am smaller than I have been since before high school. I have gone down 2 pants sizes and I have been told I look like a different person. I have about 6 more lbs to go before I am ultimately where I want to be but I can be happy here. I am having a hard time with these last few pounds. I am still doing Weight Watchers through work so I am still hopeful that I can get to that ultimate goal but the last couple of weeks has been frustrating. Anyway, I could not be more proud of myself!!!




Way to go! I wish that I could lose 26 lbs but I have no will power. :(
Lainey-Paney said…

and be so proud of Rachel. I'm proud of her independence.

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