12 months

Yes! Lauren did turn a year old!! I just took forever to blog about it! SORRY!!! Here are some pictures from her birthday photo shoot! I will also tell you about this past Monday when we actually celebrated her birthday.

It was a mess!!!

She had her 1 year checkup this past Monday so Brice and I took off and we all 4 spent the day together. We had a good time! We took Lauren to the doctor first and then headed to a local outlet mall for shopping and a late lunch at Rainforest Cafe. The girls are ready for spring and I now have enough clothes to wear now that fit!!!! (I will post about this in another post...I feel it is worthy of it's own!)

Lauren weighed 24 lbs, 12 oz and was 30 1/2 inches long!!! The doctor said she is proportionate!!! =) She is 90th percentile for both height and length and 75th for head circumference. My kids (both of them) have always been 75th percentile for head since birth...never changed. Strange. Anyway, she is healthy but not too big...I as well as the doctor am pleased! She has 6 teeth and is cutting 3 molars all at once and it is FOR THE BIRDS!!! She will point to her mouth and say "owww." She says: mommy, daddy, doggie, this, that, oh, nose, balloon, bubble, eye, nite nite, ball, poop, milk, diaper, today she said toe but it was after I said it so she repeats things well. I can't think of anything else at the moment. She is completely off the bottle and using sippy cup and has been taking milk since about a week before she turned a year old (I ran out of formula and I was not buying another can for a week!) We will take the paci away at 16 months just like we did with Rachel. She adores her daddy more and more and she is just precious!!! =) OH, she still isn't walking but she is standing alone and takes a few steps at a time. She will cruise around things and walks with push toys but doesn't want to walk! She will also stand from a sitting position (like not by pulling up which is usually a skill they will master AFTER walking) but....she will walk when she is ready and apparently she isn't yet.....

She's a mess!!! But, I love her!!!

I will blog about her party in another post!



Rachel Moss said…
I love the birthday shoot pics! It cracks me up that she says poop.

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