Party Like....You're A Year Old!!

So, I have received ridicule in the past from "friends" and some family members about the fact that I go "all out" for my kids' first birthdays. Something to the tune of...."they won't ever remember this" and "they don't know what's going on" and "they don't know who is there" and "who is this really about anyway?" Well, the simple truth is is about them! There would not be a party if it weren't for them! I love my kids and I can completely agree with the fact that you do not have to throw a huge shindig of a party to let your kids know that they are loved but I enjoy celebrations and what better excuse to get together with a few friends and family than to celebrate the first year of your child's life??!!! Do they understand it? NO! But I will tell you that Rachel loves to look back at the pictures from her birthday party and talk about how she ate the cake and it was all over her face. She laughs about it. are pictures from Lauren's first birthday party!

A precious friend of mine made this banner for me and I think she did a GREAT job!!!!

I had this canvas (the purple and teal thing in the middle) made HERE

The theme was cupcakes and the color scheme was purple, teal, and hot pink. The older siblings of the kids that were actually Lauren's age got to decorate their own cupcakes. The party was a lot of fun and I think that everyone had a good time. There wasn't too much mass chaos, I didn't think and it was a pretty day outside.

Instead of bringing gifts for Lauren we asked that people bring gifts for our church nursery. A lot of our friends have done things like that but have done things for the NICU where they stayed for a long time or to the Ronald McDonald House but my kids haven't done that so we just did something that was useful for us. We got lots of good gifts for Lauren to open and that we are able to take to the church. Don't worry...she got stuff too!!! =) We just do not need another toy in this house!!!!



Leslie said…
Look at that growing girl! What a fun time.

I did make my header myself. I am learning all of these things slowly but surely. HA!
Rachel Moss said…
Looks like a great party! A cupcake decorating party is in my "party file" for a few years down the road.
I really enjoyed putting Bug's party together, too. It doesn't bother me one bit that she didn't have a clue what was going on!

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