Happy Birthday!

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! I loved you from the very thought of having another baby. I knew the joys of being a mother but I was not prepared for how full my heart could be when I became the mother of two beautiful little girls!!!

When I saw your heartbeat for the first time, I was in love. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I knew that you were a girl from the beginning! I just knew. I grew fast! I started showing quicker with you than your sister and I was proud of that baby belly...of YOU!

When I found out that I was going to have to stay in the hospital when I was 34 weeks pregnant I would talk to you everyday. I talked to you and we had private conversations about what life would be like, do you remember? ;) You always moved and kicked like you were listening! Maybe that was just because in your 9+ lb body, you were ready to come out of there!!! I didn't want to share you. I am just being honest. I wanted you all to myself. I knew I would miss you and the times we shared together...just the two of us. But, you were too special to keep to myself...and too big! =)

March 12, 2009...that was the day!! You came into the world at 3:28 PM after a long hard day of induction. You were big....9 lbs, 9 oz big! You were a little on the purple side at first and didn't cry while I held you...but then after a minute or two, you were crying strong!! I got to keep you in my room!!!! You were beautiful! I cried!

Baby girl you are such a blessing to me. This year has been filled with so many challenges....breastfeeding has been one of them but I would not change it for anything. It was one of the most incredible things that I have ever done and made you big and strong and healthy! You and I got to be good feeding buddies! =) You are a Mommy's girl and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! You cry for me and say my name over and over and tug at my leg while I am washing dishes and it melts my heart. I cannot stand to hear you cry for me. I scoop you up everytime no matter what I am doing!

You are precious! You have my heart. I will always do what I can to protect you. You and your sister are everything to me and I will not always be the perfect Mommy to you but I will always try to do what is right for you. I love you with my whole heart and hope that you never have to question that.

Happy Birthday my Little Lauren!!! I love you!
Love, Mommy



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