The Name Game

Okay, let's play a little game. We are trying to pick potential names for our newest baby girl that will be here in March. I am going to do a poll...okay, not a fancy one because frankly, I don't know how. I am going to just put some names here and ask you to comment me and let me know what you think. There are a couple of rules though...

1. You can't get upset if ultimately we don't pick the name you voted for.
2. You can't ask me what the names are that we pick because we won't name her until she is born.
3. You can't get mad when you ask me and I don't tell you (see #2).
4. You CAN choose to use any combinations of the names that you would like and comment me with your suggestion.

Okay, here we go....

Madelyn Elizabeth
Kathryn Grace
Allison Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth
Emily Grace
Anna Grace
Peighton Elizabeth
Lauren Abigail


Leslie said…
I'm a fan of Madelyn Elizabeth "Maddie" for short.
Lainey-Paney said…
I like them all. I'm no help.
Beverly said…
I like any name with Grace in it. I like Anna Grace. I also love Ava Grace and Adlee. I know they are not on the list.
Unknown said…
I like Ava but Brice does not...that's why it isn't on the list...Anna is one of my favorites...again, Brice is not a fan...
Ben and Bethany said…
I'm gonna say no to Madelyn but only because that's the name we are def using if we ever have a girl! ;)

Seriously I love Lauren, I think it's a very beautiful, very classic name.

My friends niece's name is Annely and I think that's really pretty as well.

You could always name her Maddie if you're just planning on calling her "Maddie" for short...not a fan of long names that are just gonna be shortened.
Dana said…
I like Madelyn Elizabeth. I think Peighton sounds like a boys name?!? Also I like Lauren better with Elizabeth rather than Abigail as the middle name. If I had to choose out of these names for myself I would choose....Madelyn Grace. There is my two cents : )
Anonymous said…
Okay, I'll be different...I see a pattern with your middle names so how about "Elizabeth Grace" She could go by either that you prefer. Or she could be "Lizzie"

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