Cardiologist Appointment

Today was my cardiologist appointment. Let me first say that my cardiologist is VERY attractive and super super nice!! LOVE HIM! Anyway, he did an EKG, echo, and then sent me home with a monitor for 3 weeks. Basically, he is saying what everyone else has said...he isn't terribly worried about it. He said that if my heart is indeed doing what he thinks it is that he is okay with it and it is just going to be annoying. The reason for all of the tests is to rule out anything more serious. He said that there is medication for this irregular heartbeat but he does not want to give it to me while I am pregnant...AGREED! Anyway, I have to wear this heart monitor for 3 weeks and record heart events and then download them daily for him to read. I see him in 3 weeks and will see my regular OB again in 2 weeks.

I have decided to stop stressing about my weight gain. It is happening and it is happening quite a bit faster than I wanted but whatever! I don't feel large even though the scales say I am. My belly is big but I don't feel near as big as I did with my last pregnancy...I am talking about all over. My belly at this point is actually bigger than it was at this point with Rachel but overall I am not as big...

Here I am 25 weeks pregnant with Rachel.....

Here I am 23 weeks pregnant with Baby #2....

So...I will just keep plugging along.... blood pressure today at the doctor was 96/58!!!! That's CRAZY!!! Good, but crazy!!!


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