Busy Week

This has been an insanely busy past week!!!

Let's see...I went to the doctor on Wednesday...see last post! The only thing that I didn't include is that I am going to see a cardiologist on December 23rd for my heart issues. Funny thing....since I have had the appointment scheduled my heart has not been doing what it was doing before....*sighs*

Anyway, Tuesday I cleaned like a mad woman. Somehow motivation came to me...I got all of the Christmas decorations up and the house spotless. The maids came on Wednesday to do some more deep cleaning including the fridge!! YAY!! We had dress rehearsal for our Christmas play Wednesday night. Thursday I worked....it was busy!! Then off to church again for another dress rehearsal. Brice was off on Friday and it was nice to have him home!!!! He didn't even turn his computer on. That's rare! We took Rachel to my aunt's house for her to spend the night and the dog to the boarders to have a weekend away, including a haircut which she is getting today! So, Friday night we had our Sunday school class over for the Christmas party. There were 16 adults here! It was a blast! I really did have a good time...it was great food and fellowship! Sorry..no pictures.

Saturday, we slept in...no dog, no child...it was nice! Only thing is that we both woke up at 8:00!!!! WHY??!! I guess it's just habit. ANyway, we watched TV for awhile and then went to Red Lobster for lunch for my birthday. We had good food and a SUPER dessert! We picked Rachel up and then went to the church for the Christmas play. Brice was the main character...he did a fantastic job!!! My children's choir sang and they did great too! Sunday was church. Brice had to be there at 7:00 am for a deacon's meeting where they asked him a ton of questions in preparation for deacon's ordination. Rachel and I got ready and went for the early service, went to Granny's for lunch, and then back home for a VERY short nap thanks to Rachel. I watched some football...my favorite thing to do on Sundays! We went back to the church for the 2nd and final production of the Christmas play. I think it was just as good as the first night and honestly I am really glad that it's over. It is just so much work!

Sunday night...LOVED watching the Cowboys beat the Giants!! WOO HOO!!

I now have a SUPER sore throat. I really hope that I am not getting sick again. The weather is absolutely BATTY! It was 80 degrees yesterday and like 35 out now. Geez!

This week should be filled with less excitement than last. Normal work week for the husband. I am not working at all. We have a fellowship with desserts on Wednesday, music class in the morning for Rachel. Thursday evening I am going with Brice to his work Christmas party to eat some expensive food (his words)! We will have an uneventful weekend and then start getting ready for Christmas the following week and traveling to Arkansas!


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