More Firsts!!

Rachel doesn't seem to be allergic to anything. I just couldn't bring myself to give her peas for breakfast so we tried bananas. SHE LOVED THEM!!!! I gave her a little taste of peaches and of applesauce...she gagged on both of them. I am not sure if it is just the tartness of them, but she couldn't get enough bananas! So, she has tried peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce, and peaches. She's a pro...let's just pray that she doesn't break out in a rash! I think I am more excited about Rachel trying new foods than she is. :)

I love watching Rachel day to day as she explores the world through her short, fat legs and chubby cheeks! She is growing so fast...I know I say that almost every post, but she is just changing so much. We have determined that she has her Daddy's nose and my mouth and although I hate to admit it, my big ole cheeks!!! She is just precious and I know I am biased, but she is a very good baby. God blessed us indeed! The past several days she has showed an interest in things that she hasn't before. She REALLY has wanted to be able to get to stuff, you can tell by the anticipation on her face...she just hasn't figured out how to reach her chubby little hands to grab things....UNTIL TODAY!!!! She loves to hold on to something while she is trying to go to sleep...bad habit to get into, I suppose, but it is too sweet when she rubs her face with her blankie. Anyway, I put a tiny stuffed Minnie Mouse on her chest and she picked it up with both hands and put it in her mouth. That kept her busy while I scrapbooked some in the same room. Then I gave her a teether and she was consistently reaching for it and putting it in her mouth (I wanted to make sure it wasn't an accident). She really is growing up!

These pictures are from this past week...until next time.....


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