A Big Day!

We had a big day today! We had a Sip-N-See baby shower for two girls that I work with that had their second babies (2 boys). It was Brice's birthday and St. Patrick's Day. Of course my diet was completely out the window today, but it is good to stray away every once in awhile. ;) We had 13 kids and 13 adults at the shower this morning and this place was a mad house!!!

But, we did have a blast!

Rachel posed for some pictures in her special 1st St. Patrick's Day outfit. She had to get a picture with Daddy on his birthday! We went out to eat for some Memphis style BBQ - Brice's favorite and then went to Kohl's and got Rachel some socks that actually fit and some outfits that were on sale...they were having a great sale!!! Gotta love that! We have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday so we will post how that goes and see how much "Fatty" weighs!!! I love my girl!


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