How time flies.....

When you're having fun!!!! We are having a blast! Rachel is yet another month old -4 months and it is so hard to believe that it has been that long. Seems like yesterday we found out we were pregnant when in fact it was almost exactly a year ago.

God has chosen to bless our family in so many ways over this past year. I started my job at the hospital last March and have been there for a year and then at the end of March we found out that we were going to have a baby. I was blessed by finding the best doctor to assist me through my pregnancy and deliver Rachel. I didn't have any morning sickness besides an occasional tummy ache and up until the very end had a delightful pregnancy. The miracle of a baby in utero was a blessing in itself. I loved feeling Rachel move ALL OF THE TIME and although she hurt me constantly, I miss that feeling. Brice is enjoying his job and we were blessed by finding the church where God would have us worship. We have made some very good friends here and although I am still not crazy about living here instead of Arkansas, it was probably one of the best decisions that we have ever made as a couple. In November came the greatest blessing of all....our little girl!! After all of my pregnancy complications, I was completely well in January - around 8 weeks after Rachel was born. Then something "not so great" Papa, the first family member that I was close to, passed away from lung cancer. Although this was a very sad time, I have to believe that this was a blessing in disguise. The reason that I say this is because my granny, my aunts, uncles, cousins, even my great grandmother who hasn't set foot in a church in over 35 years have all joined a local church here and are going together as a family every Sunday!!! Until the day that I die, I will always say that everything happens for a reason and I TRULY believe this. God is GREAT!!! Again....Reason to Rejoice....


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