SUYL - Favorite Beauty Products

I know that a lot of people think that I require a lot of beauty products but it simply is not true.  The more children I added, the more true it became!  Ha!!

Kelly at featured Favorite Beauty Products on her weekly edition of Show Us Your Life this week and I thought I would share my favorites! :)

First, the most important part of my day is a good face cleanser.  Every single day, I use this little set that I LOVE LOVE LOVE by Mary Kay: 

This is the Volu-Firm Set.  What I love about this is that the cleanser is really foamy so it feels like I am really washing my face! After that, I use the Lifting Serum which makes my face feel firm, then in the morning, the Eye Renewal Cream (which is AHHH-mazing), and the Day Moisturizer, and just the Night Moisturizer at night.  This set is a little pricey but if I can look like Mary Kay in my 90's, I am good with that! :)

I used to SWEAR by Bare Minerals because I do not like to feel like I am wearing makeup.  In the last year I started selling Mary Kay and they have a mineral powder foundation that I have started using and I like it just as well and it is cheaper so that is what I use now.

Sometimes when I want a little extra coverage I will also use the matte-finish foundation under the mineral powder as well.  I also use just boring eye-liner, blush, and mascara.  One thing that I cannot live without is my eyeshadow.  For three years in a row, I got the newest Urban Decay Naked Palette for Christmas.  Bless my year, he could not find the Naked Palette 3 in stock anywhere!  he went to 3 different Ulta stores looking for it and finally ordered it online!!! :) is my favorite!!  I use it every single day!! 

On the makeup front, I will just mention that I have used the same lipstick since I was able to start wearing makeup at 16 years old.  Yes, I am boring.  It is Raisinberry by Mary Kay.  I hope that they never retire it. I have tried some others, especially since selling it, but I always go back to this one.  It is just my color!

The only other thing I will mention is hair.  I believe that my hair is my best feature.  I spend a lot of money getting my hair done and I spend a lot on hair products.  I have very thick hair and it is not exactly easy to manage!  My favorite shampoo is Biolage and because I do color my hair, I use the color-fast one.  It smells SO GOOD!!!  
I also have to use conditioner every time I wash my hair.  I try to only to wash it every other day.  I have recently discovered dry shampoo...not sure if I love it yet but I am using it.  I also use a little product called Biosilk.  I have used this since I was in high school.  Since my hair is so thick, it sometimes gets frizzy.  I use Biosilk when it is wet and just run it helps keep the frizz down and I sometimes even use it when it is dry.  it smells SO GOOD!!!!!  A little goes a REALLY REALLY long way!!! 

So...there's my secrets!!  HAHAHA!!!  Really, I am pretty simple.  I do like to put on makeup if I am going out but I really don't wear a lot.  I don't have a lot of time to do much!!!  


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