Organize My Life part of my New Year's resolutions I wanted to really organize my home.  I wanted to start in the office but in order to start in the office I had to really start in the garage.  I really really wish that I had taken before and after pictures.  Those that know me and have been to my house and seen my garage know how desparately this needed to take place.  Let me let you in on a little secret....we had carpet in our garage from when we moved into our house....SEVEN YEARS AGO!!!  We literally had a path...A WALKWAY from the garage door to the entrance into the house.  It was INSANE!'s still cluttered but it is MUCH MUCH better!!!!!  The carpet is gone, there is a garage floor and we had so many bags of trash!  There is new shelving and everything just looks so much better.  I need to list several things on Craig's List and it will be almost perfect.  Thanks to Matt and Aunt Donna for the use of their truck and coming to watch the girls while we knocked it all out. 

So....then, we went onto the office.  I had looked at several different blogs and websites and organizational places to find inspiration.  We are still in progress but we have come pretty far.  I CANNOT wait to show you final progress pictures!!  I will show you items that I have gotten so far.  Sneak peaks, if you will! :)

First, of all, I got my initial inspiration for a new office desk and design from the cover of the Thirty One catalog!! :)  If you don't know what Thirty One is or if you haven't seen Thirty One, one of my best friends, Kaydi sells it!! She would be HAPPY to sell you some, I am sure!!!  Their products are AWESOME!!!  I bought A LOT of Thirty One products for organization products!!!  Here is what I got from them...

This is the Your Way Cube.  I got it in the Party Punch print and got two of them! LOVE them!

 Hang Up Family Organizer.  I am hanging this behind my new desk.  It is going on the side of the item below! :)  I got it in the print shown with a pink "H" on the top.

 This is the Hang Up Home Organizer.  I got this in the Party Punch print too!  I got "Hester" along the top. It will go in the center above my desk with the organizer above beside and the one below on the other side.

 Hang Up Room Organizer.  I got this in Turquoise Cross Pop to match the others.  I'm super excited about this going on the wall along with the others!  It also has a pink "H" at the top.

This is a Mini Utility Bin.  I got three of these.  Two in the Party Punch (can you tell that I LOVE that print??) and one in the Lotsa Dots print.  My plan is to use these throughout the house for various organizational needs.

Your Way Rectangle. I got two of these.  I got an "R" and "Rikki's Stuff" embroidered in raspberry.

This.  This is a Room For Two Utility Tote.  It is HUGE and AWESOME!  It has a divider compartment that you can or don't have to use!  This is the Party Punch print that I have mentioned only a million times in this post!!!  Isn't it fun!??!  I have no idea what I will do with this bag but I am way too excited about it!!! :)

Here are the pieces of furniture that I got! :)

This is a desk from Office Depot.  It would not let me save the picture, but here is the link.  I wanted a smaller-ish desk.  I LOVE it!

I got these leaning bookcases from the Container Store .  I got two but they won't both fit.  I LOVE this bookshelf! 

 I also got a Parson's desk and the objective for that desk is just to have a place to do crafts and other projects.  A simple extra desk. 

I also got a few plastic drawer organizers from Container Store. It was the first time I had ever been to Container Store. I was both overwhelmed and wanted to have everything. But...I also a little surprised that their products were so expensive.  I just did not feel like their stuff looked as expensive as it actually was...I don't know....

Moving on....

So, last Sunday I was really wanting to complete my shopping (minus a filing cabinet that I was waiting to be delivered) and it required a trip to IKEA.  Disclaimer: I had never been to IKEA before. I was on this blog post and I HAD to have a couple of the things she posted about.  Kaydi (mentioned earlier) and I ventured out on an impromptu journey to IKEA last Sunday afternoon...she had never been either.  So...from that blog....I got these things

 Alex Unit
I LOVE LOVE this!!  I cannot wait to fill this up!!!!  It is going to make my life (and office) so much better!

The brand of these two units is Best A.  They are HEAVY duty.  I got two of the small ones and one of the big ones.  I am using them them for my scrapbook stuff.  Brice is having trouble figuring out how to get them on the walls because they are so heavy and did not come with brackets for the wall.  Right now I have them sitting on the floor and on the parson's desk.  More pictures to come! :)

 I also found this at IKEA!!  I saw it on the blog I mentioned above and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!  I cannot wait to get it on the wall and figure out what to put in it!!!  It is adorable!  I actually got the silver/galvanized buckets because it will match my room better!

I got a new labeler and colored file folders.  We got our new 4-drawer upright filing cabinet.  Everything is put together, setup and in the office.  Now, I have started putting everything back in the office and after everything is in the right spot, we will start filing, hanging pictures on the walls, and putting decorative items out.  We are declaring the kitchen a "paper-free zone" and all mail will be either shredded, put in the organizational pieces from Thirty One or taken care of immediately. 

Next project....the guest bedroom.  Then...our bedroom.  2013....ORGANIZE MY LIFE!!!!!  SO super excited!!!!  What tips do you have for me?! 


Kaydi said…
Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to see the finished office. :)

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