My Love

So I accepted Christ's forgiveness that day in college and really just kind of forgot about it again...never really dealing with the idea of abortion. I did, however, think that I needed to go and tell a bunch of people about it. That didn't work out so well. One girl asked me, "Why did you just tell me that?' That was a good question because I don't know. And I do believe that me telling a really really close friend of mine ultimately cost me our friendship a few years down the road. The timing was not was not God's was mine.

I do feel like I should tell you about my experience when I told my (now) husband. I had to tell him because I could not let him marry me without him knowing my "secret." I truly felt like I owed that to him. One night in my apartment I cried and cried I think for about an hour before I told him. He looked at me in my eyes and held my face in his hands as tears streamed down my face and he said, "Is that all?" Not to minimize what I was telling him but only saying that it did not matter to him what I had done, he loved me anyway. That was Christ's love portrayed in human flesh for the first time to me and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I loved him more that day than I had ever loved anyone. It was the hardest thing I had ever had to tell anyone. You see, Brice and I grew up VERY differently. He came from a very Christian home where his parents have been married only to each other for many years and they all went to church every time the doors were opened. He had barely dated anyone much less had a sexual relationship. I was broken but he loved me anyway. And I loved (and still do) him!



Kodi said…
Thank you so much for sharing Rikki.

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