It is the weekend! I know I have said it a million times in the past couple of weeks but I just am running on empty! I have no time to blog...or do anything else for that matter! I will tell you...I have no pictures today...I honestly haven't taken any since the previous bluebonnet post.

Last Thursday and Friday the girls were throwing up....simultaneously....yes, that's correct...it was..HORRIBLE! Brice was gone until REALLY late both nights.

This past Thursday I received a phone call that Lauren had a fever of 102. Took her to CareNow....ear infection...now she has coughed so much she can barely talk....it's sad. She sounds awful. My friends have come to the rescue yet AGAIN and the girls stayed with my friend Rheta and her two girls on Friday (yesterday). They had a great time...not so sure about Rheta! ha!

Today...not doing much of anything but laundry. Got my hair cut this morning....have a horrible headache. Brice is working all day just like he did until wee hours of this morning...that's a whole nother issue that we won't talk about here....

ANYWAY, I'm stressed and we are okay. That's about it.....



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