Easter Sunday was a little different because like I previously posted, Lauren had been sick for a week and on Saturday and Sunday, she had diarrhea, so Brice stayed home with her and Rachel and I went to church...just the two of us. It was an incredible service! There were 14 baptized!!!! It was an awesome way to display the resurrection of Christ - through baptism in HIM! That's Reason to Rejoice!!!

We then headed over to my Aunt Donna's (formerly my Granny's) for family fun Easter lunch and egg hunt. The girls had a good time. This was Lauren's 2nd Easter but she was not even a month old at Easter last year so this was really the first time she celebrated. Rachel had a blast...she is really starting to get excited about things and I love the joy in her eyes!!! Melts my heart! I will end with pictures....

This was Saturday night before bed. The Easter Bunny came!



Rachel Moss said…
I love the girls' monogrammed dresses. You look great, too!
Cari said…
The girls looks super cute! And you look amazing! Please tell me your baby weight loss tricks b/c I need them in a bad way!!
Leslie said…
Great pics...you and your girls look great.

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