Bluebonnets 2010

We started a tradition when Rachel was born to take pictures with the bluebonnets when they are in bloom. It is the Texas state flower and they are beautiful. The problem is that they are only in bloom for about two weeks and they are wild flowers and only bloom on the side of the road where it is pretty dangerous to allow small children just wander and look at know, the kind of scene that would make for great pictures! BUT, I found a field right by a parking lot by the Target by our home and it is perfect...far enough away from the interstate and convenient enough to park and get out and snap a few pics.

The weather has been GORGEOUS! On Monday night after dance class I wanted to take pictures with the bluebonnets but we don't get home until after 7:00 nd the sun goes down around 7:45....but we went and did the pictures anyway. Rachel was so excited! She could not wait to go and was so nervous that the sun was going to go down before we got there. Lauren was not as impressed but was cooperative which is more than I expected since she usually shuts down around 7:30....her bedtime. I think the pictures turned out okay even though I had to use the flash on most of them which I was trying to avoid....



Well, are you going to let us see them? Please! :)
Thanks for the pics. I love the one of them together. So cute! Hope that you are doing well.

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