SO....Thursday I picked the kids up from "school" otherwise known as daycare and Lauren had been throwing up and Rachel had yellow/green discharge from her eye. Yes, it was gross. On the way home they were know they were not feeling well. I had already decided that I was taking Rachel to Care Now for eye drops and to make sure it wasn't her ear because of the situation we had with Lauren while we were in Little Rock. Well, when we were almost home, I hear this wretching sound from the backseat and turned on the cargo light to see Lauren throwing up everywhere!! If you have never heard a baby throw up...NOT FUN! Anyway, I went in to work early on Friday, Brice stayed until 8:00, my aunt came and then I came home at 1:00. When Brice got home from work, I went back to work to finish some documentation. I did take Lauren to the doctor that afternoon and she has a double ear infection STILL so she is on ANOTHER antibiotic. She had only been off the Omnicef for 2 days and now she is on Augmentin...the HORRIBLE antibiotic that causes HORRIFIC diaper rashes and diarrhea....yep, we have that! So, our weekend was spent at home...doing nothing...until Sunday when I started feeling bad and then I was in bed all day and Daddy took care of the kids. Monday, worse!!! NO WORK FOR ME! I took the girls to daycare and I came back home and slept...from 9:00 until 3:00. It was glorious! Well, not really but I apparently needed the sleep.




Work has been super crazy!! Lauren is now 10 months old! Isn't that nuts! She will be a year old in 2 months. Seems like just yesterday I had the little rugrat! I just love that little monkey! She is crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST! She is trying to pull up too and walking won't be far behind. Growing too fast. She weighed 21 lbs, 10 oz at the doctor the other day. I think she is behind what Rachel was at that age. She is slimming up.....

Nothing much exciting and not really enough time to talk about it if there was anything happening. I will try to post pictures this weekend!

Tata for now!



Jen said…
So glad you are all getting better. It stinks to be sick and to have sick babies. Hope you all stay well for a LONG TIME!

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