Two thousand nine.
Two double zero nine.

However you want to say it, it is over! Done with and buh bye! The past year for me has been full of...well...full of LIFE! That seems to be the theme of my 2009. Let's recap my 2009...

I brought the new year in by going to bed super early because I was super pregnant and super large! Lost Granny at the end of January...hardest loss to date. Had an AWESOME baby shower in February and the following day went to the hospital...high blood pressure. I was hospitalized two more times in the month of February and ultimately stayed on February 27th. Stayed in the hospital for a total of 14 days...long days...and on March 12th, delivered a FAT, healthy, beautiful baby girl. Lauren Elizabeth was born weighing 9 lbs, 9 oz!!! My best friend gave birth to her sweet baby girl in May, Melody Elise. Summer was fun...uneventful. August we celebrated 5 years of marriage and another friend had a baby boy. November was a big month...Rachel turned 3 on the 14th and two days later, my other best friend had a gorgeous baby boy, Grayson Joel! We spent Thanksgiving as a family of four and Brice's Granny went to be with Jesus the next day. I accepted a full time job at the hospital where I have been PRN for 2 years. I started that job on December 7th. I am now the social worker for women's services and ortho/neuro surgical floor. I turned 29!!! Made our annual trip to Arkansas for Christmas and then 2009 came to a close. It was a great year and I know that 2010 will be also. I look forward to the blessings that God has in store.

More to come about what I resolve to do in the coming year...



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