"Just Keep Driving," Pisghetti, and Movie Review

I have been without a computer at home for a few days...I got that virus that is called Antivirus Live that pops up and keeps telling you that you have a virus and that it is scanning your computer, yeah, TOTAL hoax. Soooo.....$179.00 later, my computer is running GREAT!!!! It needed some fine tuning anyway!

So, Rachel funny...
Yesterday on the way to work she says, "Mommy, listen....
Me: "OH, GREAT! You just counted to 20 but you missed a few. Here let Mommy help you. 1, 2, ......it's 13, 14, 15, 16, 17...."
Rachel: "Um, Mommy, why don't you just keep driving."
I didn't say anything..just turned around, recognized the fact that she is my child and totally just said something that I would say and....kept driving.

Rachel wanted pisghetti today for lunch. So after having TOTAL "me" time this morning and getting my hair cut and colored, I went to Super Target and got, well, mostly the entire store or though it seemed....but in that, stuff to make spaghetti. I don't really care for spaghetti nor is it on my diet really but, I thought it would also be fun to see if Lauren likes spaghetti. She is 10 months old....well, this is the result....

Movie Review

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I can CERTAINLY recognize the fact that I am WAY behind with this movie. We use Netflix and we get movies but we NEVER watch them for like MONTHS at a time. But I had a convo with a friend just yesterday about how I needed to watch this movie so the husband and I did today while the kids were taking a nap and to my surprise, I thought this movie was really cute! It was light hearted and fun. It was one that I will likely watch again! It was cute. Now...we can get another movie..yay!!



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