I feel as though I have been initiated!! I started my full time job today!! It is at the same place that I have been working (I know I have already blogged about this). Let me just tell you....


Nothing says, "Let's get to work now that you are full-time" like two adoptions, a domestic violence case (that turned out to not be a domestic violence case after all) of a pregnant woman, a teenage pregnancy, a girl with herpes needing Medicaid (for what, exactly, I'm not sure), and just a bunch of other stuff that would not amount to much except all of the little things piling up amounted to a lot!! I am thankful! I love my job and I love working in the areas that I do but I feel as though I can now be a full-time social worker...I have been initiated!!! =)

We went yesterday to see Santa at my work. Here is a picture of the girls....

We got pictures taken on Saturday morning...mainly for Lauren's 9 month pictures but we did some Christmas ones too for the Christmas card (which I will post after I send them out). Here are some of the Christmas pictures....I will post Lauren's 9 month pictures on Saturday when I have more time and she is actually 9 months old!

I am trying to think of what else I have done since I blogged last...we had our Sunday school Christmas party on Saturday...loads of fun and GREAT food!! Love fellowshipping (is that a word?)with those girls and guys!!!

OH...we went last week to Little Rock because Brice's Granny died. She was 94 years young and absolutely precious!!!! She was such a sweet lady and although we are sad and will miss her, she lived such a good, long life and truly taught me how to live for the simple things. **I know I look COMPLETELY horrible in this picture...fat, bad hair and just YUCK but it is about Granny, not me! I couldn't find any other pictures on my computer. My favorite one is of me and her on our wedding day but it isn't scanned into the computer.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope to blog a couple of times a week, at least!



Rachel Moss said…
I love your girls' Christmas outfits. Katie Bug and I were admiring those in a clothing store about one month ago.
Jen said…
I love the pictures!!! So precious. I can't even imagine working full-time with two little ones - you are supermom!

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