Guess Who?!

Who is behind on blogging again? YES! You guessed it! That would be MEEEEEE!!!!!

This will be a "no picture post" because, well, just because I don't have access to pictures at the moment!

Things at work are going full swing. I am getting used to being full time and the girls are doing lovely at daycare! My days are filled with much excitement and busyness. My office is cozy and decorated with mostly pictures of my girls...what better way to make it mine!!! =) I have a ton of stuff to do everyday which makes the day go by faster but makes for a tired Mommy at the end of the day! Anyway, just a short's going well.

Lauren turned 9 months old on the 12th!!!! NINE MONTHS OLD!! I just can't believe it. She is an absolute joy and I will blog about her soon...I have pictures - some that I took and some professional ones!!! =) I also have stats from her well baby checkup...something I am pretty excited about!

SOMEONE had a birthday since I blogged last! ME!!! I have begun my last year in the 20's! My birthday was the 13th and I felt HORRIBLE that entire day! I took Rachel shopping with me on Saturday and I picked her up to put her in the buggy and I think I threw my back out or something because I was just miserable...made me feel like I had the flu. So, I am better now and I am so incredibly thankful for my friends and family who know me so well!! My two best friends gave me great gifts. Not to sound like a complete selfish twit, but I LOVE getting gifts!! It seriously is my love language which makes me feel horrible but I love gifts. Mainly ones that are heartfelt, simple, or that took time and thought. Gifts make me feel loved. Call me what you will...whatever!

Gotta run for now but I will post again soon with pictures...I PROMISE!!!!



Happy Belated Birthday! I have 2 more mmonths of my twenties, then it is the big 3-0. Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brings you some gifts!! ;)

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