My Brain Hurts!

So, I said I would catch brain hurts! I can't do it! Basically, we have been busy and I have taken a ton of pictures which I will post eventually. Let me give you the scoop of what we did today...

I have been having migraine headaches. Well, what I figured was migraines. I have never had them prior to having Lauren. I take that back...I had one early early in pregnancy with Rachel then I had one early in my pregnancy with Lauren (maybe that's a sign that I will have high blood pressure during pregnancy). Anyway, sorry for that side-tracked random thought. So, I started having these horrible crazy visual disturbances right after Lauren was born to where I couldn't see anything...just blurry and I couldn't focus on anything. It would last for about 30 minutes, the white spots/flashes would get worse before it would go away and as soon as the visual disturbances went away I would have a MASSIVE headache!! Well, I have had about 10 or so since Lauren was born 4 months ago. I had one yesterday which prompted a call to a doctor...a new doctor that I have never seen before. My PCP went to some MDVIP program crap where I would have to pay like $1500 a year just to have her as a my doctor...I THINK NOT! So...anyway, I have a new doctor who is not female which I am not crazy about, but whatever. I had another this morning...two days in a row...not good because today's was MUCH worse than yesterday's which I still hadn't fully recovered from. So, the doctor's appointment today....blood work, Rx for Imitrex (which I am not sure I can take while nursing...have to look it up. He knew I am nursing so I am sure it is fine but I like to make sure), and a scheduled MRI for this coming Wednesday which I will likely reschedule because of VBS and two children. I won't wait too long though. So...through the course of the day, I spoke to my grandmother in hopes to find out whether or not migraines run in my family....she proceeds to tell me that her mother, my great grandmother had them frequently and then died from a brain tumor. Lovely. Well, I am not thinking I have a brain tumor, but seriously....we just need to make sure! =)

Will update as I know more.

Both girls are great! Lauren is getting CHUNKY!!!! She will be 4 months old on Sunday and we go to her doctor (well, not her doctor because she is out on maternity leave) next Wednesday for her 4 month well baby check up. I bet she weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 16 1/2 lbs...that's my guess! =) I know that she is too long for 3-6 month clothes now!!!! She is barely 4 months old and having to wear 6-9 months because of her length! Don't get me wrong, she has some thighs on her but seriously her toes poke out the end! I just have big babies!!!

Brice is liking his job. Not much going on there. I have about 8 more lbs to lose to be at pre-pregnancy weight but I still feel like a blob! Breastfeeding is still going REALLY well and although sometimes I really feel like it would be easier to give her a bottle (and I do), I am so proud to be nursing exclusively!

I have to work this weekend after being off for several weeks. I am looking forward to it on one hand and not so much at the same time! O'well! I get to be among adults all day long.

Gotta go shut my eyes for a little I said, MY BRAIN HURTS!!! =)


Jen said…
Bless your heart. I'll be praying for you and hope you get some relief/answers soon. Take it easy girl.

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