Yeah, so my headline totally describes my life lately! Let me just say, to summarize, GOD IS AMAZING!!! There is so much going on with us right now. Here is some of it.....

I had my training show last night to kick off my jewelry business and my friends really came through for me! There were 20 people there not including me or my sponsor!!! My house was packed and I enjoyed every bit of it!!! We ate yummy snacks and played in tons of pretty jewelry! I had a great show in terms of sales and I got a lot of free jewelry. I am so thankful to God for the awesome friends in my life. I can't wait to pick out all of my free jewelry! OH...and I got 10 bookings in August!!! I will be a busy lady but I will meet my goal if all of the shows go through!!! I am so excited about this new adventure.

This week is VBS and boy am I ever exhausted! The kiddos are learning the songs and the motions and are doing a great job but I feel like we sing the same song about 15 times a day....wait...WE DO!!!! It is a lot of fun and honestly I am ready for Friday night to be over with. I am in charge of Family Night this year and it is Friday night where all of the kids' parents come to see what they have done this year during VBS. It is a great outreach opportunity.

I am not working at all this week because of VBS and it feels kinda weird after working so much the past several weeks. I am actually enjoying being at home for part of the day.

The next couple of weeks are going to be really busy for us. We have Brice's parents coming this weekend and we are excited about that!!!! Sunday is a baby shower for Erika and Israel who are going to have baby #2 soon, Marco Emanuel. I think she is due August 12th or something like that.....Next week Brice will be in Miami Monday-Thursday. I am so used to him being home that this will be difficult for me. I am working 3 days next week. Hopefully we will get to do some playing with Josiah next week. The first weekend in August Brice and I are celebrating our anniversary. Our 4th wedding anniversary is August 7th and we are celebrating the weekend before because we can't miss Chelsea's birthday party on the 9th!!! We are going to go to a nice hotel for the weekend and Brice is going to get a massage and I am going to get a really cool ice cream pedicure that I am TOTALLY excited about!!! After that, August will be half over!! Seems unreal that we are talking about August! Where did the summer go???!!! Before long, it will be Christmas.....


Lainey-Paney said…
Ice Cream pedicure????

You'll have to teach me some of the songs & motions that y'all do so I can teach Gage!

Congrats on your party. How much did you sell???? (not $$-wise, I am talking pieces!)
Anonymous said…
You should have some type of link on your blog to the jewelry and maybe some of your far away friends would make a catalog order with you...

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