We have had a fun couple of days! I worked on July 4th and Rachel and Daddy stayed home doing nothing...I think they enjoyed it! Saturday was pretty uneventful.....we went to Target and bought some containers so that I could put all of my clothes away that are TOO BIG!!! YAY!! It was also a sneaky way to allow my husband to see that I really don't have too many clothes!!! None of them fit! =) Sunday was church and we came back here and relaxed all day.

Here is a picture of Rachel from Sunday. Rachel's dress was adorable....went to her ankles....

Brice had yesterday off too so we all went to Hawaiian Falls waterpark in Mansfield for a little water fun after Rachel's nap. It was a lot of fun except for the part where I fell down the stairs leading into the lazy river and in an attempt to keep my child's head above water (I was holding her), I tumbled down about 4 stairs, twisted my ankle, hit my knee, and scraped up the side of my leg all while swallowing a lot of water....BUT Rachel's precious little ears never went under! She loved the sprinkler area and also the wave pool. I think it will be more fun when she is a little older...

Today Brice took off 1/2 day. We met our playdate friends at Pump It Up. We have two families that just had babies in our church that have older kids so Krista took Grace and Lilly and I took Nathan. There were a lot of kids at Pump It Up and Rachel was less than cooperative. I think she had fun but she was so grumpy the entire time. I think it will be more fun when she is a little older......then, Chick Fil A for lunch and home for nap time. Oh, how I love nap time!

I bought Rachel's birthday dress yesterday. I know that it is a little early but her birthday theme is going to be ladybugs and I knew that ladybugs are kinda summer-y and might not be around long. I think I will buy the other stuff for the party soon in fear of it going "out of style" as well. My child will be 2 in 4 months....UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
That looks like so much fun...both Pump It Up, and Hawaiian Falls!

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