What's Going On?

With us? WORK....a WHOLE LOTTA WORK!!! I am at work now about to get the day started. Not much new to report.....just dealing with a toddler....a very needy, cranky toddler. She has a sinus infection and is on Augmentin again. Maybe the antibiotics will cure the temper tantrums too...ya think?!

I am ready for August to be over...oh, wait...August hasn't started yet, has it? After August I will not be working as much. I just find it difficult to keep up with everything. I am hitting the jewelry business hard and heavy next month - doing 10 shows in the month! I have to slow down working 3 and 4 days a week or I will crash and burn.

We have several activities going on soon...birthday parties, anniversary getaway, more work, jewelry parties.......the list goes on! It will make the time go by faster....before I know it, my child is going to be grown.....maybe that's the cure for temper tantrums.

Yesterday Rachel went to daycare because I had to work. When I picked her up, she was fine until we were on the road for about 10 minutes and then she began to scream. I hate screaming, especially in a closed vehicle....I have no escape. I turn the radio up to drown her out, she gets madder! Anyway, finally, I just hollered at her. After taking her shoes off, socks off, offering her every book and stuffed animal in the car, I hollered. I don't like yelling...I don't yell frequently but I guess you could say, I lost my cool. I just said (very loudly), "Stop crying. JUST STOP. That's enough. There is nothing wrong with you! JUST STOP!" Well, she stopped. We talked quietly back and forth the rest of the way home until she saw Brice's car as we turned onto Carrier Pkwy. We apparently got to that point at the same time. She had a fit......"Daddy's car, Daddy's car. Daddy!!!!!!" Brice was going to the grocery store to get some chicken for dinner and I was going to take Rachel home. Well, that was the plan...how quickly it changed. We followed Daddy to the grocery store and we all went in "soppin" (aka, shopping). I immediately found some Cheetos...the entire time she was screaming in the car she was hollering for pretzels. I could not find a small bag of pretzels so I got Cheetos. She was happy....for the moment. I decided to venture off on my own and get some batteries and Brice had Rachel...WRONG!!! She started screaming, "MOMMY....NO, MOOOOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!" I went back and she was happy. She did the same thing with Brice. Neither of us could leave her side. Got finished shopping and took her back to the car. She was fine all the way home. I looked at her sheet from daycare when I got home...she only slept yesterday from 12:35-1:15....NO WONDER SHE WAS CRANKY!!! She was exhausted!!! I was already worn out from work and she just made me nuts by the time we got home. She went to bed at 8:20 and we went to bed at 9:20....it was blissful!!!

Gotta get to work!


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