So Little Time...

I just noticed that last blog I had a typo...she was actually 32 1/2 inches, not 31....anyhow, she's tall!!

We have so much going on right now. I am working 2 days a week, Brice is barely able to come home and eat before going to bed b/c he is so busy and Rachel is just simply growing up before our eyes! She can do so many "big girl" things now. She can and will, for the most part, follow simple commands. For example, we were at the doctor's office yesterday (doctor for Mommy, not Rachel) and she was taking all of the magazines off the table. I said, "Rachel, look at Mommy." She did. "Get those books (she doesn't know what a magazine is) and put them back on the table, please." She did exactly what I asked her. It was just such a simple thing but to me, it just filled my heart. I love her so much and I just love watching her little wheels turn in her head. She is really vocal right now too....saying things that you can actually understand...okay, that I can understand! :) She says water, cracker, Crunchies, emmys (that's M&Ms), Christy, Krista, Chelsea, Siah (that's Josiah), Bibby (Libby), stairs, room, door, juice, Bilk (milk), no no, paci, home, house, car, school, shoes, socks, drink, fish and list goes I began to type all of the things she can say I realized that she says a lot of words!!! Her newest ones are elbow, pease (please) and obu (love you). Oh, I just love her...can't tell, can you?

Disciple Now is this week and we have 5 grown up people staying in our I have been a little Martha trying to get things situated for should be fun. I work tomorrow then have lunch with a friend on Friday. I am hosting a baby shower on Saturday then next week will go to a baby shower for my friend who is having twin boys. Then work next Monday and Wednesday and will attempt to keep Chelsea and take both her and Rachel to music class on Tuesday! FUN TIMES!!!

Still no news concerning the full time position.....


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