Rachel is 15 months old today!!! We had our checkup today and as you already know, she is a big girl. She weighs 30 lbs, 1 oz, and was 31 1/2 inches long. That makes her 100th percentile for weight, 95th for length. She is an all around big girl!! Doctor said she was fine right now and although my plan is to get rid of the pacifier at 16 months old, she told me that I can wait until she is 2 years old if I want. We will see!!! :) Rachel's doctor is pregnant which is pretty exciting! She said that she is expecting a baby girl in June! YAY!!!

Last night was rough....Rachel was up 4 times and got up to stay up at about 6:15. She screamed from then until about 8:30 and then screamed the entire time we were in the doctor's office. She has another ear infection!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I am SOOOOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOOO tired of this!! Of course, we got another antibiotic which will cause diarrhea and a yeast rash! Gosh, I hope after this one we can be finished with them for awhile!

It's Valentine's Day and Brice has to work late. Maybe I will get that dessert that I want one of these nights! It's just that time of the would think after 3 1/2 years I would be used to it but it doesn't get any easier!

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