Well, we took a little trip to Arkansas the latter part of this last week and weekend. We had such a good time!!! We are tired and I know that Rachel needs to get back into her routine....she already has...taking a nap as I type this!

We got to visit with The Riddles and with Lori on Thursday...that's always a lot of fun. We also got to see Meeemee for just a minute then we went on to GP and Mama Nette's house in Little Rock. We stayed there for a few days and visited people in Little Rock and North Little Rock. We got to visit with Great Granny for a little bit and loved that...especially her big panda bear!!! We even took time out for some pictures in our Razorback stuff! GO HOGS!! GP and Mama Nette loved on Rachel like they always do and she had fun with them and with Adolf. He still isn't too sure about her yet!

We went back to Hope on Saturday and got to see more family and spent the night and went to Unity Baptist Church yesterday morning. Rachel got to visit with Julie and Ms. Carol....who is gonna be a grandma to twins soon!!!! =) Then we went to Anita's baby shower and got to see Aunt Christy, Adi and all of her family. Then we made the long drive back home. It was a fun trip but quick. I wish that we could take about 2 weeks and just visit...there are so many people to see in such a short period of time.

We came back to a busy busy little life back here in Texas. One of my best friends, Heather is being induced today and we will get to see little Josiah before too much longer. Our Christmas rehearsals are going to pick up to a fast pace starting this week and I am still taking shifts at the hospital once a week this month. Rachel is trying to walk and I couldn't be more excited and exhausted just thinking about it!! In the next few months we have a ladies' retreat, a progressive dinner, bowling outing with Sunday school, Halloween and Trunk or Treat, Rachel's 1st birthday and party (equipped with family and friends from out of town), Thanksgiving, my birthday and then Christmas!!!! Whew! We are busy but really I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

Here is a slideshow of pictures from our trip....


K. Whittington said…
she is growing up too fast! love seeing you post

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