Time flies when you're having fun....

Wow...is this statement ever understated! Our little girl is growing up WAY too fast for her momma! 11 months old...can you believe it??? It is just amazing all of the new things that she says and does from the time she was born. Everyone always told me that she would grow up really fast, but this fast???!!! It's insane! I can see daily how she is becoming a little girl and less a baby. She is more independent and growing more and more so everyday. Soon she won't need Mommy anymore, though I would hope that she would need me always...for something.

Rachel is doing so good right now. It seemed that the entire 10th month was filled with some type of illness, but we started 11 months off pretty well. She had a little tummy troubles this past week but nothing major. She is just as happy and healthy as we could ask for. Praise God!

Mommy and Daddy are doing well! Daddy is still working and Mommy just quit her job! The decision to quit was based on several factors and honestly, even though it has been something that has been coming for quite some time, it was hard but I feel at complete peace with my decision. I have applied for a job at a children's hospital in the area and would LOVE to get this job but ONLY if it is what God wants me to do. It is a part time job which means that I would have to leave Rachel on a regular basis. Just pray for wisdom in this decision and that I would not make a decision until I hear God's CLEAR voice and affirmation of the decision. Besides, they haven't called me yet......

Stay tuned for LOTS of 1st birthday pictures!!!! Rachel's party is coming up quickly! I am so excited about it! Until next time.....


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