Our last "first" holiday!

This is our last of the "firsts!" That is a hard realization for Mommy to come to! My baby is growing big. It is hard to believe, as big as Rachel is, that this is her first Halloween! A friend of mine who just had a baby and I were talking today about how neat it is that our children both share the same first Halloween...the only difference is that Rachel is 2 weeks shy of a year old and Josiah is 3 weeks old. I do remember how miserable I was last Halloween though...who would have known at the time that I would have given birth only 2 weeks later!!

Rachel was Eeyore for Halloween this year. It was a no brainer, really. I received an 18 month size Eeyore costume at one of my baby showers so we always knew that she would be Eeyore for her first Halloween...glad she is a big girl or else it would have fallen off of her!!! She wasn't a happy little trick or treater tonight...she was cranky from the time she woke up from her afternoon nap until she got her first sucker! She then wasn't happy because she couldn't be let loose to play, so we put her in the trunk of the car!! It was Trunk or Treat! She loved playing in the trunk....sounds great coming from a social worker, huh?

She just cut her 6th tooth today and biggest news thus far....SHE'S WALKING!!! Everywhere and anywhere! She loves to walk. She really started exploring and testing her boundaries last Friday (a week and a half after her first unassisted step) and then Monday, she just went to town. I picked her up from Parent's Day Out on Monday and she walked to me! I wanted her to walk by Halloween...and she did...such an obedient child! Ha! =)

Our party is in a week and a half....stay tuned for tons of pictures!!!


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