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Here are pictures from Rachel's 6 month photo session!

Okay, funny story!!! Last night we were trying to give Rachel a bath and before we went she was pretty fussy. Her bath always makes her happy! Daddy went and got the tub filled while I took her clothes off her, got know, the usual. Anyway, Rachel was splashing and taking a bath and Brice and I were having a discussion about how he felt that I should just get Rachel in the tub and out instead of letting her play (he was joking, by the way). Then we had a debate about whether or not he played in the tub as a child....HE that confirmed by his mom! :) Anyway, about that time, Rachel decides to poop in the tub!!! So, I was like, well, I haven't even started bathing her yet, so we have to clean that out. So, I picked up Rachel (remember she is all wet) and was holding her kinda funny (bottom up in the air). While Daddy was cleaning out the tub (while telling me his reasoning for getting Rachel in and out of the tub without playing...oh brother...) Rachel decided that she wasn't finished with her job. I was hollering, "Brice, quick lift up the toilet seat!!!!" He did and well, our efforts didn't pay landed on the side of the toilet! BIG MESS!! So, after Brice got finished cleaning the tub, he then had to clean the toilet! In the meantime, Rachel decides that she also had to pee....ALL OVER ME!!! What a fun time we had in the bathtub! We put her back in the tub and I immediately began washing her and she was out in 5 minutes!! As I was wrapping her up in her towel she was grinning.....WHAT A STINKER!!!


krista and ryan said…
What a story you can share with her first date :) I know she will be proud.

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