When I Am Not, God Is.

I had a busy busy weekend.  It was a good weekend but it was very busy.  I will blog about the details of my weekend in the next few days but I want to leave you with a thought for the week.  As I was preparing mentally for a speaking engagement that I had on Saturday afternoon, I was reflecting on how disobedient I have been lately with my daily Bible reading.  I had been doing really well when I was doing the Jonah Bible study but the past few weeks I have found myself hitting the "snooze" button on my alarm a few more times that I should and then rushing to get ready with no time for Bible study.  Unfortunately, Bible study is THE MOST important thing of my day.  It should be how I start everyday but in the hustle and bustle of my morning, it gets put on the back burner as my hair isn't cooperating and my clothes need extra attention and the kids are less than accepting of their early morning wake up call....my Bible sits on the end table begging to be opened. 

As my mind and heart were searching for Jesus on Saturday morning, I was feeling defeated thinking how in the world would He allow me to be used to minister to a group of thirsty women when I cannot even be obedient to His Word?  My heart was heavy and then it came to me. 

When I am not, He is.
What does that mean, you may ask?  Well, for me at that very moment it meant when I was not faithful, He still is.  It can take on whatever meaning you need it to take on.  Use whatever struggle you are in.  When I am not obedient, He is still faithful.  When I am not loving, He is.  When I am not kind, He is.  When I am not lovable, He still loves me!  When I am not _______, He is.  It is true every.single.time.  My heart was full.  I was ready to minister to those women and He was faithful just like He promised that He would be and is.
Whatever you might be feeling defeated about, repeat this phrase...when I am not, He is.  


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