Does Rachel Need a New Tooth Fairy?

Well, some might think so

As I posted in my last post, Rachel recently pulled HER OWN  tooth at the Arboretum during her school field trip.  Okay, I am new to this whole tooth fairy business!  And for those of you that are wondering, NO, there isn't a tooth fairy, sorry to break the news to you on the world wide web!!!  And YES, everything you read on here IS THE TRUTH!!!!  ;)  Anyway, I digress....I got on here and asked my ever so trustworthy group of know it alls friends on Twitter about how much teeth are going for these days and got some ridiculous answers!!!!  There was a wide variety of answers, for one thing.  I just decided that Brice and I would figure it out and go with something we thought was reasonable for an almost-6-year-old who doesn't know the difference.  So, we the tooth fairy gave her $.50 for her tooth.  I find out later that we apparently are CHEAP!!!  I have been told this by more than 5 people, by the way!  I heard of one kid getting $20 a tooth and another kid getting an American GIrl doll??!!!  REALLY!??!  Are you kidding me?!  I mean, I thought maybe $.50 was a little cheap, but that is insane!  Brice said to me, "She is not getting rewarded for a natural life process!"  He reminded me that we should not give in to peer pressure and that $.50 is fine. 

In the end, Rachel was ecstatic about her $.50 and we felt comfortable with the decision not to buy her the world because she pulled one of the 16 teeth that she will eventually lose!


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