Vacation 2012

Warning: really long with lots of pictures!!!!

Day 1:
We left from our house around 0900 which is what we planned so I was pretty happy with that. Lauren gets car sick so I gave her a Zofran and a towel to throw up in and she was good! :) We started a movie and for awhile things were good. We were traveling to Hope. We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks, lunch, and to feed Hannah. We got to my moms in time for the birthday celebration for my grandmother!
There were so many people at my moms!!! I didn't know a lot of them. I was very excited to see my brothers!!! These are my full brothers (same mother and father). I did not grow up with them but love them both very much!

We saw a bunch of other people that we hasn't seen in a long time too! It was a fun time!

Lauren went down for a nap and woke up with a fever and feeling yucky! Not sure if it was because she got too hot or if she truly picked up something yuck but she was not a happy girl for the remainder of the day! :(

We left for my high school friend, Christy's, house. She just had her 2nd baby girl, Kenzi! She was two weeks old during the visit. I took some pictures of her...not a great camera but I think I got some good ones!!

She is precious!!! :) the older girls had fun playing too! Here is a picture of Rachel playing dress up!! Ha!

We stayed with Christy and Kris that night.

Day 2:
Pretty low-key day. We went to Christy's dad's house for lunch. He always cooks the best food!! The girls had fun playing!!! We went back to Christy's house and just visited. Pictures:

Day 3:
We started the day by going to visit my grandparents. Rachel got to ride the 4-wheeler. She had a blast!!!

After that we headed to Hot Springs where we met our friends Joel and Heather and their two boys at their house then for dinner. We miss them so so much!! We also went to McAllister's for dinner. The kids were pretty crazy but that's just life these days!! :)

Then we went on to Little Rock! We got there a little late so didn't do much.

Day 4:
As she did every day in this trip Hannah got up at 5:00 to eat and went back to sleep after a bit and slept until around 8:00-9:00. The day we left she developed a cough and runny nose and with her history I was stressed the entire trip hoping that she didn't have trouble breathing or get a fever. Thankfully neither happened but she STILL has a bad cough. We are dung daily breathing treatments and actually go to the pulmonologist again on Thursday.

We went to the food pantry where Brice's mom volunteers through her church to "show off" the girls. Then Chick Fil A lunch!!! :)

After we went home and rested for a few minutes Hannah and I went up to Immanuel and visited with a blogger/Twitter friend, Kelly! She actually went to college and grad school with my husband and I have been following her blog since she was pregnant with Harper!! She is absolutely the sweetest (and cutest) person!!!! She had Hollis with her and she is such a doll! So glad I finally got to meet her!!!

I also had another treat that day! I was able to meet up with some of my Little Rock Twitter friends for dinner!! A couple of the girls couldn't come last minute and although I was sad about that, the girls that were there (Ashley, Niki, and Sarah) and I had a ton of fun just laughing!!! :)

It was a SUPER fun day!!!

Day 5:
After we got up and moving Brice, Rachel, Hannah and I headed to Branson for a few days! We left Lauren with Brice's parents by herself for the first time!! She had a blast!

The drive to Branson (for those that don't know) is very twisty and turny!! <--made up word! :) We stopped at a gas station at the beginning of our trip and Rachel got sour gummy octopus! She ate the entire bag!!! When we got to the condo, she walked in and puked ALL OVER the bathroom!!!! Then she had fever and felt terrible all night. She continued to complain of sore throat for the next several days! :(

Day 6:
We were able to get Rachel feeling good enough to go to Silver Dollar City on Thursday. We had a really good time! Hannah and I mainly just hung out and listened to singers because there was very little she could do. Rachel LOVED Marvel Cave. My favorite part??? A delightful ice cream cone! :) It got very windy and in the 60s by the time we were headed back to the condo for the day. We ate at a restaurant where Rachel could get shrimp (her request) before swimming at the condo and crashing for the night! :)

Day 7:
We had to be out of our condo by 11:30 am. We headed back to Little Rock in order to have diner with Uncle B that night. The drive back was much better than the drive there. When we got back Brice mom was sick. That's never any fun! :( We had steaks for dinner!! Yum-o!!! It was also Brice's parent's 44th wedding anniversary! :) the kids played to end the night.

Day 8:
After feeding Hannah at 4:45 I slept until almost 9:00! We all went (except Brice's mom)to Purple Cow for burgers and purple milk shakes.

The girls had a good time. Home for rest and I went shopping around Little Rock. All. By. Myself!!! :) I went to a little boutique shop called All Thru the House. I could have bought one of everything!!! They have children's clothes, home decor and lots of baby things. I got a baby gift, wedding gift, and graduation gift! :) and a hairbow! :)

That evening Brice, Hannah, and I traveled to Greenbrier to a wedding! When I was in college at Central Baptist I lived with family who I adored!! They took me in and I really felt like part of their family! I babysat for them and drove the kids around. I really felt like their big sister!! :) Mitchell and Mallori will always be special to me as will their parents, and extended family! I love them all!!! Mallori was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding almost 8 years ago and Saturday, she got married!! Sweet LITTLE Mal! She was beautiful! The colors were hot pink and black and she had a lot of feathers!!!!! :) her dress was a traditional mermaid style dress but it had feathers at the bottom!!! :) it was so Mallori!! :) love that girl!

We had a blast visiting with all of our friends from Greenbrier and Hannah was such a trooper even though we pushed her bedtime back really far! :)

It was a great day! And...the older girls had fun with Uncle B in the pool! ;)

Day 9:
We went to Immanuel Baptist Church of Little Rock for morning church! I LOVE LOVE that church! It's where I met my husband and where we were married and members before moving to Texas. The orchestra sounded amazing and the message was good as usual! The girls did well in their classes too. :)

We ate lunch at Cock of the Walk which we LOVE! We saw the ducks and Hannah tried chicken and cornbread for the first time! She loved it! :) after lunch we packed up and headed for Hope to visit with my mom before going back home to Dallas.

We stopped at my grandparents again, ate KFC, then went to moms to sleep for the night.

I just have to "difficult" baby was an absolute angel the entire trip!!! She slept in about 4 different places in different beds and did great each time! This last night at my moms she slept in the pack n play until 6:45!!!!! She was happy when she woke up and went back down for a nap around 8:30! Sweet girl! :) she even did well in the car...sleeping and only crying when hungry or dirty! So proud of her!!

Day 10:
I know this has been EXTREMELY long and thanks if you are still with me and still awake! ;) I just want to document this for me!

This was travel back home day!! I got up and washed a couple loads of clothes at moms so I would have less to do once we got home. We ate breakfast and then headed home. We stopped a few times and made it home!

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Aunt Goosey said…
It sounds like you had great fun! I really enjoy reading all your blogs! and your kids......Cuuuuuties! XOXOXO Cathy (SW-Case Mgmt Irving) :-)

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