A Week to...FORGET!

**Let me start off by saying that I am a child of God. I am forgiven for ALL my sins-past and present. I am aware that Satan will use his people to discourage me and bring me back to a place of guilt, shame, and secrecy but I have a God that is bigger than all of that! I am using my past failures to bring honor and glory to God by helping other women surrender their secrets and find freedom in Christ. If you have something ugly to say to me or about my blog please at least give me a chance to thank you for commenting -
tell me who you are! Anonymous comments are for cowards!

"If God is for us then who can be against us?"
Romans 8:31

Okay, got that off my chest...ahem...

This week started off poorly and never really got better! Monday I decided that Hannah was sicker than she was on Saturday when I took her to the doctor for her stuffy nose and then cough. I called the pedi's office and they didn't have any morning openings so they instructed me to go to the ER since she was having trouble breathing. We did. We went to the hospital where I work because I knew I could get in quickly and they could transfer us to the children's hospital if need be. She was diagnosed with RSV (again) and got breathing treatments. Her heart rate was 175-180 and her respirations were around 40-45. She was retracting trying to get a breath and was just pitiful!! They decided to transfer us to the children's hospital by ambulance.

We spent all day at the hospital and the sent us home basically with instructions to do what we had already been doing. She was a very sick baby though. Tuesday we saw our pedi again and she put us on breathing treatments. They have worked wonders!!

She was so sick!!  Pitiful itty bitty!!

Tuesday I stayed home with Hannah and it stormed all day. Lightning struck right outside our house and our tv, Internet, and phone went out.

Late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning it stormed again and this time knocked out our electricity!! I had gotten up at 3:00 am to feed Hannah and the electricity went out about 4:39. Both of my older kids were up and scared so they got in bed with us. I woke up at 5:30 to get ready for work. Hannah seemed a little better so I took her to daycare where she was pretty miserable all day! :( we did not make it to church that night! My kids went to bed early! :)

Thursday was on okay day except for the lovely blog comment I received and Hannah threw up on my twice!!!

Friday morning Hannah woke up with a fever and was just yucky! My aunt stayed with her but I was almost an hour late from work! It was an incredibly busy day at work and I found out that my case manager will likely not be my case manager anymore! Boo!!!

Got home Friday evening and Hannah had a great day!!!! She is doing much better and ate well all day and took great naps!! :) My husband made cheeseburgers for dinner!!!! Yum-o!! My girls played great together and my evening was filled with love, food, and my beautiful babies!!!!

So, while I will record this week as one that I never ever want to relive I have to say that I am blessed beyond measure and I have so much Reason to Rejoice!!!!



Lauren said…
So glad your sweet baby is better. I hope yall have a very relaxing weekend!
Sara said…
I can relate. I'm so glad our week is over as well since it was way to similar to yours. RSV is just terrible. And, knowing you can't do much to help them is the worst feeling.

So glad little Hannah is feeling better!
Kelli Zink said…
That picture of poor Hannah!!!! AWWW, lol, so glad she feels better, that is a terribly sad face!

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