We're Still Here!

Hello everyone!!! We are still here, as my title points out. Things have been so busy! We have taken a vacation since I was here last and OH...big news....


It was awesome! I am waiting to watch the movie to tell you what I think about the endings of each of them. From what I hear, the ending is very different from the book to the movie. I loved the book. It was VERY long and I finished it in a week. It was a very surprising ending and it was sad and most people told me that they hated the way it ended but I liked it....a twist. Sad but I liked the way it ended.

Vacation....it seemed short. Brice and I had a great time getting away to Hot Springs for the weekend. We got to see a ton of friends while we were in Arkansas and it's always a pleasure to see family.

I cannot believe the summer is almost over and I am SO GLAD!!! It is so flippin hot outside!! I love fall! I love winter! I love spring! I like summer.

Brice and I went out for our anniversary on Saturday.....yes, I started this post on the 31st of July and just finished it on the 9th of August. On the 7th...this past Saturday, we have been married for 6 years!! He is my best friend and I love him....even though he drives me crazier than anyone I know!!! :) We went to eat at Steel at the recommendation of my OB. It was good. I didn't enjoy my food all that much but I think it was because it was really sweet and I am not much into super sweet stuff. BUT, the atmosphere and the service were EXCELLENT!!! We had a great experience! The sushi was awesome!

The girls are about to start at a new daycare and I COULD NOT be more thrilled!!!! It is closer to home and it is a church which I am excited about. Rachel needs this so much! They start on the 23rd.

We just started a new computer program at work and I spent majority of my day today helping out my co-workers. It was refreshing to be the one that others called on. It gave me a unique sense of belonging that was nice. I really think I needed that. That may not make sense to most of you reading this but it makes sense to me.

That's about it for now. I will write more later!! With pictures...my girls are too cute not to show you! :)



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