Random Things About Me

I was thinking today about how quirky I can be. I know we all have our things that we do that make us who we "are" and I thought it would be fun to let you in on some of the ways that I am....ME!

1. I am very outgoing but I do not trust easily.
2. I do not like for my food on my plate to touch.
3. I have always wanted to work in the medical field. First, I wanted to be a pediatric nurse practitioner - thought I wanted to do oncology. As I have gotten older, I am absolutely fascinated with babies...especially labor and delivery. If I didn't hate school so much and know that it would take so long and cost so much, I might think about going back to school to be an OB/GYN...that's how interested in it I am - it truly fascinates me!
4. I do not like marshmallows, coconut, or whipped cream...I do like other white foods though! :)
5. I get attached to people really easily. Once you have my trust and my heart, you have it. It breaks my heart when people leave or move away that I am close to. I have been this way since I was a little girl.
6. Although I have a tendency to be blunt in speech, it would kill me to think that I hurt someone's feelings.
7. To go along with #6, I am a HUGE people pleaser!!!! I spend a lot of time worrying about what others think of me. If I have said something that I think has offended someone I go out of my way to "fix it." I cannot stand to be the cause of conflict.
8. I love seafood! My favorite is lobster and crab but I love shrimp, crawfish, scallops and just about anything else that comes out of the sea!
9. I am very particular about the way things are done. I don't claim to be extremely organized but I do have a "way of doing things" and I want someone to come behind me and do it the same way. I did not realize I was this way until recently and it kind of bothers me. I wish I could just be more grateful that someone was helping and doing something at all instead of worrying about HOW they were doing it.
10. I have a hard time letting go of things that are bothering me. I need resolution. I will sit and think about things for FOREVER until I make myself sick! I have to talk and talk and talk and TALK about stuff until I feel like something has been done to either fix the situation or at least remedy it for the time. I feel like things have to have a nice bow tied around them...resolution. This drives my husband crazy because he can just walk away from something and never think about it again and assume it's over. Not me.
11. I am very random. My mind races from one thing to another very quickly. I can be thinking about one thing and within a matter of seconds, I am on something COMPLETELY different and you will often hear the words come out of my husband's mouth, "What? That was random!"
12. My favorite color is purple.
13. I have always wanted three children - 2 girls and a boy....almost there! :)
14. I am very sensitive and cry very easily.
15. I love to eat!
16. I tried being a stay at home mom and I am not very good at it! I love my girls more than life itself but I am better as a working mom. Some would think that makes me a bad mom but I say DON'T JUDGE!!!!
17. I am a follower, not a leader and I really think that my 3 1/2 year old daughter is very much the same way. I have to say that I am not proud about that.
18. I would have to say that I have a temper, I am not patient, and wish I were more sweet spirited.
19. But I also have to say that I am very giving, I love people, and I usually have the best intentions.
20. I am NOT a morning person!
21. I LOVE being pregnant...until the end when things get a little "tricky" for me!
22. I have never really had a strong fatherly influence in my life...not until I was about 14 years old...and it was a mentor that I met at church...Charlie.
23. I have several people in my life that I consider to have influenced "who I am" today. Having had an extremely tough childhood, I had people from all over that took me under their wings.
24. I have a better relationship with my mom now than I ever have before. We have never been close but we are closer now that I have my own children.
25. I consider my husband to be my absolute best friend. He is my favorite person in the whole world. I turn to him for everything...answers to almost any of my questions. He is a wonderful father to my children and the perfect match for me...my complete opposite! :) I absolutely have no idea what I would without him and at the same time, he drives me bananas!

So there's probably more about me than you wanted to know! ;)



Katie said…
Rikki ~ Thank you for sharing! Everyone truly has their own story they are still living out.

I love lists like this.

I am so blessed by you. ; )
Rikki Kreger said…
Hey, we have more in common than our names!

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